In so many ways, the current difficulties are the accumulated result of all of our individual choices and lifestyles. I've broken these ideas into sections, to be easier to scan.

Reduce plastic

We know there is far too much plastic in the world, the majority of which has been bought in order to throw away. We need to cut back on our single use plastic especially. Recycling is great when it happens, but it is so much *not* the solution to the problem.

  • Loose fruit and veg is surely the first, most painless swap.
  • I now make my own plain yogurt, coleslaw, spray cleaner, shower spray, etc

Reduce waste

We, as a country especially, are SO wasteful! These points will start you looking into your own consuption, but don't stop there!

  • "Fast" fashion - we really don't need to be throwing away clothes. Buy less, pay more, make it last, find ways to repurpose and give it a lift.
  • Furniture seems to have been added to the list of disposables
  • Appliances and white goods can very often be mended, if you don't buy too cheaply. I've had many items repaired over the years.
  • Think before you buy - don't buy something just because you can! By buying less you will reduce waste and spend less - which means you can afford to spend more to make the choices you want to elsewhere. For many things, 2nd hand is a great option.

Reduce carbon footprint

Some of these will be easy for one and impossible for another. But if you have a goal to work towards, you may be able to, for example, go down to one car in (say) 5 years.

  • Of course you already know to insulate your home as much as possible?
  • You'll be more fit if you took to walking or cycling anywhere less than a mile from your home. Walk a little further an find a senic route, to avoid the pollution that builds up inside your car.
  • Keep your car going as long as you can, but replace it with electric or hybrid when you do replace.
  • Different forms of transport have different relative carbon costs. Take public transport if you can't walk or cycle, take a train instead of a plane.


At a Crossroads?

"The work that I did with Christine completely opened my eyes to my potential. I got a real insight into what I need in a role and in my life."

Carla Thomas, Shrewsbury

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