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Introduction to personality type theory (PDF, 224 Kb) - Intro to the basics of personality preferences in straightforward language.

Introduction to Functions and Dimensions of type (PDF, 198 Kb) - Intro to the mental functions (S/N, T/F) and how they differ according to attitude (E/I).

Thoughts on a 'Glass Ceiling' NEW April 2014 (PDF, 2.1Mb) - what insights might Type have on the question of women reaching parity in the Boardroom?

Some Type Observations in Coaching (PDF, 518Kb) - Examples of how type influences ways my clients need me to work with them.

What's Your Plan? (PDF, 457Kb) - Preferences in relation to planning for the future

Influences of type on stress at work (a case study) (PDF, 73 Kb) - One person's experience of stress at work through the lens of type (INTJ) and strategies to handle it.

Part of the Whole (PDF, 688 Kb) - Looking at personal values and talents. Includes worksheets.

Type & Leadership Coaching in IT (2008) (PDF, 46 Kb) - Revision of 2005 article (below) incorporating data from a Leadership Coach training organisation in the US for comparison.

Type & Leadership Coaching in IT (2005) (PDF, 40 Kb) - Type distribution among trainee Leadership Coaches within an IT company, compared with the UK population. (Published in the BAPT journal 'Typeface', December 2005.)

Other authors (or see My articles)

These are articles I've come across which I found particularly interesting or helpful.

Dario Nardi is known for his EEG research on the links between our brains and our type. He has written a series of articles for Typeface, available via the box here on the right. His books are available from Radiance House.

Engaging your type development (PDF 121 Kb) - Hile Rutledge of Otto Kroeger Associates is an experienced writer and trainer in type. In this article he offers valuable guidelines on recognising under-developed functions with exercises on how you can develop your type towards greater maturity.
(Used with permission)

Type's Critics - Considerations and Responses (PDF, 85 Kb) - Roger Pearman is a well-known author in the arena of Leadership and development. He takes a careful look at common criticisms of MBTI, with reasoned responses.
(Used with permission)

The MBTI Instrument - a therapeutic template for "normal"? (PDF, 84 Kb) - Sophia Dunn is a Clinical Psychotherapist and Director of The Bridge. In this article she describes how the MBTI is useful in her work as a model for 'normality' in her clients. (Used with permission)

Difference in the Therapeutic Mirror (PDF, 73 Kb) - Sophia Dunn from The Bridge describes how and why she began using MBTI in a therapeutic context. (Used with permission)

Using Type in Therapy (PDF, 41 Kb) - Toni McLean is a therapist in Australia working with individuals and couples affected by trauma, abuse and violence. In this article she talks about why she uses the MBTI in her work, and shares some stories from her experience. (Used with permission)


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