About Insights for Change

Insights for Change is interested in helping people work out how they can change their lifestyles and perhaps find their specific role, too.

I (Christine Rigden) have now retired from coaching as a business, but am seeking to continue to use my skills to help people interested in working for the good of the planet and of humanity, to think through their questions and discover new possibilities.

If you are curious about my previous work, there is more information on my LinkedIn profile.

Prior to developing 'Insights', I spent 20 years working in Information Technology, specialising in User Experience Design (helping make technology easier for people to use). While there I did research into Colour Blindness and my work has been widely published and referenced (though has been largely superceded by more recent work).

I have published four books of poetry, as well as having individual poems published in various places over the years. Some of my poems are available here online. I also paint (my paintings are here) and develop recipes (which you can see here).

Contact me if you want to chat.


About Coaching

"The result [of coaching] was that my effectiveness increased dramatically. My focus improved and so did my personal efficiency."

Simon P, London