Are you part of the solution?

The climate emergency is real. If you are not persuaded of that, you know at least that our trashing of the environment we need to live continues, through plastic polution, poisoning our waterways and the air we breath, damaging our own wellbeing with junk food, throwing away a third of our food while some parts of the world starve. We have ignored the known problems for decades. But what can we, as individuals, do?

There are small things that everyone can do, changes in personal lifestyle and choices, but it may be you are bewildered about how interwoven everything is and don't know where to start. Then there are big things that only some people will do, and maybe you have a hunch you may be asked to contribute in that way.

Each of us has different needs and interests, strengths and values. Each of us can contribute to the effort to making things better in our own way. The resources to help our understanding are out there, the paths for acheiving our way to contribute are ready to discover.

I have now retired as a Life Coach and as a Career Coach, and will no longer charge for my time. My focus is now on helping people to figure out their own starting point and ongoing path to becoming part of the solution not just an unaware part of the problem. To be a sounding board and thinking partner for your explorations.

Work together with me and we can:

  • Clarify your values and what matters most to you
  • Understand the kind of activities that can help you make a difference in your life
  • Find new challenges to take you forward

Let me encourage you to find your best path.

At a Crossroads?


...clarity for change

Explore the things you can do, large and small, to be part of the solution to the mess we've made of the world.



...clarity for direction

Are you being called to something bigger? Where, and how do you begin? Here are some ideas to get you thinking.


My own Journey

...clarity from experience

In 2018 I finally started a blog of my own personal journey, starting with plastics.